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What You Get With The Professors Pandemic Event



  • EMCEE: ELIZABETH HERRERA: Multiple 7 figure PER MONTH seller will be keeping you entertained and informed through each speaker's transition...
  • ​SPEAKER 1 - ANTHONY LEE: Rank on Amazon leveraging External Traffic, and discover the fundamentals of ranking via multiple mediums.
  • SPEAKER 2 - ETIENNE AMEIL: Mastering the European marketplace plus the tools and systems that you can use to automate your business on all platforms.
  • SPEAKER 3 - GEORGE MERESSA: Paid Advertising has changed due to this pandemic and you'll discover how to leverage Amazon DSP and more in 2020.
  • SPEAKER 4 - MARK CASEY: What hidden gems hide behind the data of over 5000 clients? Discover how to optimize listings for both conversion and ranking!
  • SPEAKER 5 - NETZAH TOPAZ: Receive insights from the Apprentice of one of Amazon’s most sophisticated sellers and  how to THRIVE in competitive spaces...
  • SPEAKER 6 - SHANE OGLOW: Press Releases still work (if you know what he knows)... Discover how to use the power of press to boost your product rank and sales.
  • SPEAKER 7 - SHLOMY NIDAM: Did you know Amazon launches big brands on their own platform? You'll learn how to dominate these large competitors in 2020!
  • SPEAKER 8 - TARIK BERRADA: Exploit data from Amazon and structure PPC campaigns to target ALL competitor keywords and maximize market share!
  • SPEAKER 9 - KEN KUBEC: Discover the secrets that a true business mastermind knows with respect to buying and selling Amazon accounts and businesses...
  • SPEAKER 10 - CRAIG ROMERO:  Discover what it takes to expand globally through Amazon and other platforms that most sellers haven’t even yet discovered!
  • SPEAKER 11 - NORMAN FARRA: During this event, you'll discover a NEW and misunderstood tool - Amazon Posts - and how they'll Change The Game for you!
  • SPEAKER 12 - TRAVIS KILLIAN: Listen to one of the top 100 Amazon sellers in the World dive deep into his strategies for scaling and scaling HARD!
  • SPEAKER 13 - JOSHUA HUDSON: Discover how this Gen Z "kid" used Howard's systems to resurrect ONE old SKU from almost no sales to $40,000+ per month!
  • SPEAKER 14 - HOWARD THAI: Last but not least, Howard Thai (the professor himself) will be delivering keynote presentations rich with priceless strategy!

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  • * BONUS 1 * Access to the Elite Seller Society (ESS) where case studies and secret information are dropped periodically. In this group, you’ll have access to world class Amazon experts including the Professor - Howard Thai - himself: ($1,997.00 REAL value)
  • * BONUS 2 * You recieve 100% FREE access to 1 Signalytics PFR Report V2.0... This gives the most comprehensive competitive intelligence possible for ANY ASIN or niche you desire. Discover the holy grail of keywords by having the most important keywords for your niche! ($497.00 REAL value)
  • * BONUS 3 * PDF Copies of the Presentations from all the speakers as well as the recordings of their keynotes: (2,000.00 REAL value)
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  • * All Future Masterminds will Require a Minimum of $12,000.00 Investment... So Take Advantage of This One Time Offer!

From the Desk of Howard Thai:


Normally, ALL of my masterminds and events 100% REQUIRE an extensive interview and application process to ensure that you are a good fit for the mastermind (we do not accept just anyone into our masterminds)... fact, we usually reject around 60% of those that try to join this Elite Seller's Mastermind.

My team and I do this so that we can keep the mastermind community RICH with Elite Sellers and the brightest minds in the industry. And the secrets we share can't be shared with just anyone (we make this concrete by requiring a Non Disclosure Agreement to be signed by all members)...

I generally even require that you make at least a minimum of $1.2 Million in revenue on Amazon's platform annually to even qualify to attend one of my in person events and masterminds.

So WHY am I doing it different this time?

WHY would I give you the opportunity to invest RIGHT NOW, and secure your spot without an application or even a $1.2 Million Dollar sales requirement?

WHY am I lifting all of my normal restrictions for my masterminds?

The answer is simple... THESE ARE STRANGE TIMES:

The world has seemingly changed over night due to this pandemic, and Drastic Times call for Drastic Measures!

I don't want ANYONE to be left out if they're struggling or want to take advantage of all the Genuine OPPORTUNITY that is available to sellers right now...

Yea - you read that right - "OPPORTUNITY"

The Professors Pandemic Event is so much more than just what to do during this pandemic...'s going to EXPOSE the incredible opportunity for expansion, growth, increased profit margins, complete domination of niches, and so much more.

I'll end my short note to you with this...

If YOU are a REAL player in the Amazon seller space, then jump in on this while you still can:

* The most brilliant minds in the industry will be speaking * Bleeding edge strategies will be shared * Systems to shortcut and scale will be replicated * Opportunity like you've never seen before will be revealed * and so so so much more

This is the ONLY time I will ever allow sellers to attend my mastermind with such lenient terms... because this is a time that requires a large shift for everyone.

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Of course Howard will be teaching you bleeding edge information, strategies, and systems during this event... but there is so much more brought to the stage by these speakers from all over the world!

SPEAKER: Anthony Lee

Anthony Lee has been an innovator in the Amazon and e-commerce space since 2014. He’s been a marketplace seller, brand owner and consultant to brands both large and small. In that time he’s also worked with the top software companies in the industry, helping to innovate tools, services, and strategies that help sellers to scale their businesses.

Known for his blog articles and training, Anthony has written industry standard whitepapers and reference guides that are utilized the world over. He’s written for popular blogs such as Startup Bros and Web Retailer. He’s been on popular podcasts such as Seller Sessions and Serious Seller Podcast. He’s spoken on stages around the world for indus try events such as Seller Sessions Live, Saleshub and Private Label World.

Now as CEO of Signalytics, Anthony is helping sellers yet again with actionable content, never-seen-before tests, and software automations.

SPEAKER: Mark Casey

Mark Casey is a visionary marketing and SEO specialist who unites experience with innovative thinking to provide his clients with the best opportunity to excel in the online marketplace. Applying his degree in Marketing and Branding, Mark has developed a reputation for driving results in the online sales realm through cutting-edge strategies. As an Amazon expert, Mark has helped over 5000 clients to achieve success on the platform. Over the course of several years, he has cultivated a winning system based on in-depth knowledge of Amazon ranking factors and listing strategies.

Mark dedicated himself to fully understanding the science behind where a product ranks on Amazon and how to optimize product listings for the highest rate of conversion. Working under a top 500 company, for example, he helped to enhance their Amazon page which contributed to their current nine-figure annual earnings. Through his personal brand, MarKCaseySEO, he assists clients both big and small to achieve similar results by improving their Amazon strategy. Staying up to date on the latest technological changes and ranking factors, Mark provides his clients with the best resources available to reach new heights of success in the world of e-commerce.

SPEAKER: George Meressa

George Meressa started paid advertising in 2009 focusing mainly on Google Ads (Formerly AdWords) which led to a natural transition into the other paid advertising platforms. In 2011, Clear Ads was founded by George Meressa and through the company has been able to help over 150 different companies through Amazon and Google Advertising.

As one of the first and leading management service providers on the Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) advertising, Clear Ads now focuses a lot of their efforts on helping brands scale through DSP advertising,

SPEAKER: Etienne Ameil

A corporate dropout after having led various marketing teams in bluechip multinationals and  startups, Etienne is a 7 figure seller who started selling only in Europe, working from home with  no employees. At the beginning, he started with $1,000 that he tur ned in $1MM in 18 months.

He is on a mission to help overseas sellers master the Old Continent and its complexities. On a  more personal side, he is an «optimisation freak» and expert in bio  hacking. But don’t tell him  that he is an Amazon seller, he is ju st an e commerce entrepreneur that happens to make most of his business on the Amazon marketplaces, for now...

SPEAKER: Travis Killian

Travis Killian, crowned the "Best Amazon Marketer Alive" comes from a strong SEO background and began selling on Amazon in 2016. His expertise is in scaling understanding algorithms. This mastery has allowed him to build an 8 figure private label eCommerce business within 18 months. Today Travis' Amazon store is on Amazon's Top 100 list and generates 50M+ in annual revenue with a goal to reach 100M+ in the next year or two.
Outside of his main store, Travis's tried and true scaling strategies and resources have earned him a seat at the table at several eCommerce brands by turning 6 figure businesses into 7, and he's on the way to scaling them to 8 figure enterprises. Travis lives by the motto; "If you ain't scaling, you're failing." 

SPEAKER: Shane Oglow

President of prREACH, a communications company that specializes in building online authority for brands with high quality content and traffic driving strategies. They also help Amazon sellers with customized managed launches.

He has been an Amazon seller himself since 2013 and has literally trained thousands of Amazon sellers over the years.

Besides his work with prREACH, he continues to have involvement helping others in the Amazon world through managed accounts, content creation, product launches, keyword maintenance, coaching, sourcing and logistics and pretty much anything else to do with Amazon

SPEAKER: Netzah Topaz

Data-based trading and marketing expert. Living and breathing Amazon. Viralix founder and partner with other SaaS companies.

Believe in traditional trading with innovative marketing tools, while competition being the most crucial part of trading.
Over the past four years, launched and promoted over 50,000 different products in different categories through Viralix.

SPEAKER: Norman Farrar

Norman Farrar is a serial entrepreneur who provides online marketing and managed eCommerce solutions for brands. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz and 20th Century Fox. Since the early 1990s, Norman has focused on helping entrepreneurs optimize their operations and unlock their business’s potential.

SPEAKER: Shlomy Nidam

Our company since year 2000 specialize in Wholesale business with contract with the biggest brands worldwide in Electronics, Cosmetics, Jewelry , Kitchen and Home , Fashion and more. Since 2014 Amazon Elite Seller Generate $40MM annually, with Amazon store over 15 countries, logistic centers , and 50 employees worldwide. Expert in Retail Arbitrage, Wholesale Arbitrage, Drop shipping, Sourcing Products of Super brands and PL with traffic, Brand Approval in Amazon, Categories Approval, Reselling Items. One of the first in the world to take the e-commerce in to investment model for personal investors to build a passive income business and value Digital Real estate. Today Shlomy partners with more than 200 Amazon Accounts, build a Venture capital of Amazon Stores, and help people to Grow their capital through amazon.

SPEAKER: Tarik Berrada

With ~6 years experience in Adtech, I have a track record of delivering complex data-based solutions. I have extensive technical experience in both startups and large companies. I¡¯m passionate about using technology to solve challenging business problems, building world-class AI-based tools. Since 2018, I transfered all my Adwords AI expertise to Amazon PPC optimisation. The results are impressive and the optimisation is still in progress.

m19 helps sellers maximize profit from Amazon advertising. The tool Automates and Optimizes sponsored products and sponsored brands campaigns using state of the art Machine Learning algorithms. Founded by a team of expert engineers, m19 vision is to fully automate your Amazon advertising.

SPEAKER: Criag Romero

I have enjoyed 20 years of digital marketing and business strategy experience to develop an ad network a software company and 4 consumer goods brands.  
I’ve developed & launched brands through my expertise in data mining and creative branding. As a creative visionary, strategic thinker and branding authority, I have applied my skills to reach vast audiences to create a highly-engaged community of loyal customers.

SPEAKER: Ken Kubec

Ken Kubec is VP, Acquisitions at Thrasio. Thrasio the leading acquiror of Amazon FBA businesses. While at Thrasio, Ken has spoken with and analyzed over 500+ Amazon FBA businesses and negotiated deals for 50+ acquisitions over the past two years. 
Prior to joining Thrasio, Ken ran a $15M a year Amazon FBA business for two years while consulting with an Amazon 3rd party software provider . Before entering the Amazon ecosystem, Ken spent 13 years in investment management as a stock analyst and portfolio manager overseeing $500M+ of institutional assets. Ken worked at some of the top investment management firms globally including Fidelity, State Street and Manulife investing in small cap technology companies. 

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