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EVENT DATES: March 1 to 2, 2021

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What You Get With PPE 3.0



  • OUR HOST: HOWARD THAI: The Man, The Myth, The Legend himself will speak about his next innovative case study that he has been keeping under wraps for the past two months. There’s no telling what he’ll do this time…
  • EMCEE: ELIZABETH HERRERA: Multiple 7 figure PER MONTH seller will be keeping you entertained and informed through each speaker's transition...
  • SPEAKER 3: ANTHONY LEE: Has ranking on Amazon changed drastically in the past two months? If anyone knows it would be Anthony who has this down to a science. Learn about the all new mediums being used to achieve page one and be ready for the best Q4 ever.
  • SPEAKER 4: TARIK BERRADA: Learn advanced PPC tactics from one of the world’s foremost experts in AI in PPC. 
  • SPEAKER 5:  DEE DENG: Co-founder and head of growth at Right Hook Digital. Within 14 months, Dee and his team grew Right Hook to a 7-figure agency while managing millions in ad spend for their growth clients.
  • SPEAKER 6: EHUD SEGEV:  The premier Amazon Live expert will share with us all the knowledge and analytics he’s collected since being the #1 streamer in all of Amazon!
  • SPEAKER 7: JEREMY RIECHERS: Meet part of the trio that does over 50 million dollars a year on Amazon.  Jeremy Riechers is "Patrick's voice of reason" and an expert social engineer - he knows how to talk to Amazon to get stuff done.
  • SPEAKER 8: LAZAR ZEPINIC: Owner of Sellers Alley, Amazon PPC agency. Lazar has been a PPC Specialist for 9 years and has worked with 7-9 figure Amazon sellers.
  • SPEAKER 9: ZACK FRANKLIN: An 8-figure Amazon seller and the secret weapon of the Chinese e-commerce giants. He has sold in dozens of categories and managed top selling brands and Amazon listings.
  • SPEAKER 10: MATT ALTMAN: AKA "The Supplement King". He's so good in the supplement industry that investment firms throw money at this guy to have him geometrically multiply the sales of acquired companies.
  • SPEAKER 11: ROGER NGO: Roger heads APAC RPO at Goldman Sachs, covering all divisions. He was previously in SCB, Head of Talent Acquisition for Retail Banking and I.T & Operations. 
  • SPEAKER 12: TALIESEN HOLLYWOOD: Director of Hahnbeck, a M&A consultancy that helps business owners, from ecommerce and Amazon FBA businesses to design agencies to SAAS businesses, to sell their businesses, or to acquire other businesses. 
  • SPEAKER 13: LANA PASCIAK: The first 20 million USD female Amazon seller

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My team and I do this so that we can keep the mastermind community RICH with Elite Sellers and the brightest minds in the industry. And the secrets we share can't be shared with just anyone (we make this concrete by requiring a Non Disclosure Agreement to be signed by all members)...

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Of course Howard will be teaching you bleeding edge information, strategies, and systems during this event... but there is so much more brought to the stage by these speakers from all over the world!

SPEAKER: Ehud Segev

Ehud Segev is a renowned super mentalist and author of two best selling Amazon books, 9 Steps to Influence and Secrets of the Voice. He started out selling these on Amazon, and few years later, he eventually ended up working with hundreds and hundreds of brands and generating hundreds of millions of dollars with all these brands combined. He merges his advanced knowledge in the subconscious mind with the world of marketing and business. Ehud is also an expert on video production for product listings and is very knowledgeable of the Amazon Live platform. In fact, his is the first channel to stream on the Amazon Live platform, and is currently one of streamers on it.

SPEAKER: Anthony Lee

Anthony Lee is a return speaker who has spoken in both PPE 1.0 and PPE 2.0, and a lot of people just went bananas for the priceless information he has shared. He is constantly testing and constantly trying new things. With a mind set in collecting data, analyzing data, and learning how to rank best on Amazon with the current actual conditions, with a world of data and algorithms at his fingertips, Anthony Lee is definitely an Amazon genius. Tune in as he has the power of articulating complex concepts and latest trends and insights in a clear way.


Dee Deng, co-founder and CEO of Right Hook Digital, an eCommerce growth & performance marketing agency is managing millions in ad spend for their growth clients all around Australia and the USA. Not only is he an expert on Amazon and Facebook, but multiple other social traffic sources and social paid search as well. His team has managed to help a client generate $2 million in paid traffic in just an hour. Tune in to learn more about Dee's journey and the inner mechanics of paid traffic.

SPEAKER: Lazar Zepinic

We have Lazar Zepinic, an Amazon PPC expert and one of top 100 Google advertisers in Northern Europe. Lazar, with 10 years of experience in this realm, has pretty much seen PPC. He has seen what it was before and how it has evolved into these machine learning and artificially intelligent PPC systems we have today. Lazar is part of an Amazon PPC consultant group and owns an Amazon agency with a team of 70 people. He has worked with 7-9 figure Amazon sellers and has experience in optimizing multi-million accounts on both Seller Central and Amazon Advertising platforms.

SPEAKER: Lana Pasciak

Lana Pasciak is an 8-figure Amazon seller and the first female to reach the $20 million USD mark. Before Lana started her Amazon journey, she was a CPA for 15 years at the largest public accounting firm in the world. Because of that experience, she was able to leverage her business in a very strategic and successful manner, optimizing the structure for income tax purposes. In this episode, we will talk more about Lana's road to being the first female $20 million USD seller, and what are the secrets strategies in achieving that.

SPEAKER: Tarik Berrada Hmima

Tarik Berrada Hmima is an expert of delivering complex data-based solutions and is passionate about using technology to solve challenging business problems, building world-class AI-based tools. His agency helps both startups and large companies maximize profit from Amazon advertising using state of the art Machine Learning algorithms.

SPEAKER: Zack Franklin

Coming from the most hardcore marketing background, our guest, Zack Franklin is here to reveal his unique tricks and strategies for Amazon that allows him have better results than most people. He is an 8-figure Amazon seller and is known as the secret weapon of the Chinese e-commerce giants. Last year, he was focused on conversion rate optimization, Google shopping, Shopify, and just about anything that is off of Amazon. Zack is an expert when it comes to the affiliate marketing space. In this episode and on PPE3.0, Zack will uncover tons of crazy tricks that no one has discovered yet. Get ready to dig so deep into your competition with the best strategies and absolutely crush it on Amazon.

SPEAKER: Matt Altman

Matt Altman is a $150 million USD seller. He started around 2010 with textbooks and retail arbitrage for 3 to 4 years, building up some cash flow to get into importing from China. Then, he got into health and personal care, a lot of like patented products, and supplements, which is still his niche until this day, making $150 million USD. Because of that, Matt Altman is known as "The Supplement King". He's so good in the supplement industry that investment firms throw money at him so he could geometrically multiply the sales of acquired companies.

SPEAKER: Taliesen Hollywood

Taliesen Hollywood is a M&A consultant who has expertise in business valuation and acquisition. He also specializes in e-commerce in the M&A space, particularly for Amazon businesses. Tal certainly has a lot to talk about regarding the Amazon marketplace of buying and selling businesses on Amazon, and he is here to show us how to get the best price for our Amazon businesses.

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